The Master (2012) dir. Paul Thomas Anderson

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Audrey Hepburn photographed by Norman Parkinson c. 1955

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Norman Parkinson c. 1955

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Mr. Bruckman, there are hits and there are misses. And then there are misses.

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Seven Psychopaths|2012

Director of Photography|Ben Davis

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You can’t let the animals die in a movie, just the women.

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For those regarded as warriors, when engaged in combat the vanquishing of thine enemy can be the warrior’s only concern. Suppress all human emotion and compassion. Kill whoever stands in thy way, even if that be Lord God, or Buddha himself. This truth lies at the heart of the art of combat.

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Michael Corleone from The Godfather

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when ur with ur best friend


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